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Replacement Patio Door Locks for Additional Safety

Installing new patio doors often requires replacement patio door locks, as the standard locks included are not secure. Yes, patio doors may add a stylish look to your backyard and may let an enormous amount of natural light into your home.

These doors may also even be an easy exit in case of an emergency, but without adjustments, reinforcement, or replacement patio door locks, they do nothing for the security of your home.

Burglars will often choose a point of entry to your home that is out of sight, either on the side or at the back of your house. A point of entry that is quick and easy to open, such as a patio door.

We look at how a standard patio lock works, their common issues, and their weak points burglars use to get inside your home. We provide you with information for replacement patio door locks and additional things you can do to secure your property. Our experts discuss when it is best to leave the job to the professionals such as Speedy locksmith LLC, Virginia Beach, VA.

How The Standard Patio Door Lock Works

The most common patio door type is the aluminum doors with a mortise latch. Their workings are as below

  • The small latch is set in a hole cut out in the doorframe with screws.
  • The handles of the patio door are separate from the lock.
  • The thumb lever has a shaft that inserts through a hole in the door and into a matching hole in the mortise lock.
  • It has a small part for the latch hook to catch on to when you lock the door next to the thumb lever on the vertical doorjamb.
  • Many install a key cylinder in the handle for the outside of the door.
  • This allows you to unlock the patio door from the outside with a key.
  • On the inside of the door there is a lever you lift to unhook the latch to unlock the door.

Common Issues Of Standard Patio Door Locks

Any of the issues below will call for replacement patio door locks

  • Misalignment of the latch and catch.
  • Locks stop turning with the key.
  • Latches wear out and break easily.
  • Key inserting problems.
  • Key breaking inside the lock.

Your patio doors become a weak point and burglars use the following ways to get inside

  • Forcing open the weak locking mechanism.
  • Lifting the glass door off the tracks.
  • Breaking the glass.

However, there is no need to be concerned as there are simple steps you can take to ensure a more secure patio door.

These steps are

  • Top quality replacement high security door locks that offer a higher level of security.
  • Adding additional security measures to burglarproof your patio doors.

Replacing Patio Door Locks

Before you run out and buy a new patio door lock, it is best to call an experienced commercial locksmith such as Speedy locksmith LLC, Virginia Beach, VA. They will inspect the existing lock and provide you with the best advice on the best replacement patio door locks for your specific patio door. Examples would be to use a lock with a non-lift pin, a commercial-grade lock, or to install a smart lock. They can also advise you on the best additional hardware type that will offer reinforcement for your patio door.

Additional Hardware For Reinforcing Your Doors

Apart from investing in top quality replacement patio door locks to secure your home, you could also add additional hardware. There are varieties of types that help to make forcing the door open more difficult

  • Adding a second auxiliary door lock.
  • Add a multi-point locking system to your door.
  • A door blocker plate, also known as a jimmy plate.
  • A keyed patio door bolt, which is installed on the floor, on the side frame, or the top frame of the door.
  • Depending on the door frame, a deadbolt is an excellent option.
  • Install a sliding door loop lock.
  • A steel locking bar.
  • Glass security film ensures the glass is smash proof.
  • Motion sensor alarm.
  • Security cameras.

Features Of Patio Door Locks And Additional Security Hardware

  • They are large enough to be seen from outside that alerts burglars breaking in would be too difficult
  • Locks and additional hardware is durable. Long-lasting and can withstand frequent use and tampering.

There are two major advantages of top quality replacement patio door locks and attaching additional hardware to your home.

  • Your home and family are much safer
  • You can even save money on your home insurance

Replacing and adding additional hardware to your patio door is a task you can do yourself, but calling an expert is a wiser choice. Speedy locksmith LLC, Virginia Beach, VA is experienced and can provide you with the best options for replacement front door locks.


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