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Lock rekeying or not? – Here’s everything you need to know about it

Lock rekeying, in simplest terms, is the process of replacing old lock pins with new ones. Lock pins, also known as tumblers, are little cylinders that are aligned inside the lock structure.

They determine the uniqueness of a lock since they are aligned such that the lock can only be opened by a specific pattern of ridges and notches. Lock rekeying thus involves giving your lock a new working key. It helps you acquire a new key for your lock, and the old keys will not work anymore.

When Do I Need to Rekey My Locks?

Lock rekeying is, in most cases, a welcome alternative to changing the entire locks because it is less expensive, making it a pragmatic solution where the actual issue is the key and not the lock. But when exactly is lock rekeying the ideal solution? Here is a comprehensive detail.

  • To eliminate compromised keys – this will always be the most basic reason why rekeying is necessary. If someone has a key to your premises and need to keep them out, you won’t have to change the locks. Rekeying them is the best trick.
  • Lost keys – if you lose your keys, you have two reasons to rekey your locks. First, to regain access to your premises. The second will be to secure the premises because you never know in whose hands the lost keys may fall. You want to keep intruders away from your premises, right?
  • If you moved to a new property – you would never know who still has the keys to your new premises, and gambling with it is not an option. To keep unwanted guests where they should be, lock rekeying will give you the assurance you need.
  • Matching multiple locks for the same key – you may want to have a common key for several locks. You will have to rekey all of them except one, or all of them, depending on their sophistication. However, all the locks must have compatible key cylinders; otherwise, you will have to change some of them altogether. Our residential locksmith at Speedy locksmith LLC in Virginia Beach, VA, will always guide you accordingly.

How Does Rekeying Work?

Some locks are built to accommodate customer lock rekeying. They make use of a step-change key to alter the lock configuration. Such locks will be relatively easy and exceptionally cheap to rekey since all you will have to do is get duplicates for your new key without incurring any labor expenses.

If you have such locks installed, take great caution when performing the lock rekeying procedure and sternly stick to the manufacturer’s guidelines to avoid any possible damage or introducing malfunctions.

For other locks, rekeying is a critical process that requires sophisticated tools and skills. The best way to go about it will be to enlist the services of Speedy locksmith LLC in Virginia Beach, VA. Our locksmiths will disassemble the lock and check the extent of wear and tear before rekeying the lock. At this point, they can tell you whether it is still appropriate to proceed with rekeying or if changing the lock would be the best option, depending on the condition of the lock.

On top of changing your pins, the locksmith Norfolk VA will perform some ‘servicing’ on the lock. This includes oiling and minor repairs where possible and necessary. If this happens, you have an added advantage, where your lock’s functionality is improved during the rekeying at no extra charge.

Are There Any Hidden Details About Rekeying?

The answer to this is an unconditional NO. It’s just a change of keys, and it shouldn’t do anything more. However, the process could possibly fail to bring back your lock to its prior condition or jeopardize your lock’s security altogether, but this fully depends on your locksmith in two ways.

First, you might have hired a quack, and they could do a slapdash job. Secondly, your lock might have an issue that calls for a complete change, and your locksmith might choose to ignore it, leading to trouble in the future.

When will Rekeying not Work for Me?

Sometimes, changing the entire lock will be your better option. Here are circumstances that will necessitate a complete change of the lock.

  • When your locksmith recommends it – always get a genuine locksmith from Speedy locksmith LLC. They will tell you if your lock needs a change when they take it apart. If they tell you that your lock has serious issues and needs a change, it will be best to get it changed.
  • When you want to upgrade your hardware or security – if you want an advanced locking system, you’ll definitely need new locks; now that you know, rekeying will not offer any upgrades.
  • When you want the same key for several locks – you will have to change the locks with incompatible keys or key cylinders.
  • If you prefer a different design, brand or color for your locks – this will most commonly be the case with new premises. To achieve your desire, you’ll have to make a change.

Lock rekeying will be a great solution for all your key issues. It helps you stay in control over who accesses your premises without having to go through the expensive venture of buying new locks.

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