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Securing Your Front Door Locks

The front door is the main entrance to your home; it is the entry point for your family and friends when they visit. But when no one is there, how secure are your front door locks?

If your front door locks are of poor quality or are so old, they have loosened from the door itself; your house becomes vulnerable to uninvited strangers. It is then easy for intruders to break the lock or kick the door in to gain access to your home and valuables. If this is so in your case, you need to ensure that your front door locks are secure and provide the safety you need for your home and your family.

But how do you secure your front door locks?

The answer is simple:

You Can Follow These Four Crucial Steps

  • Perform occasional checks on the condition of your exterior locks around your home.
  • Do minor maintenance to secure your front door and the lock.
  • Call a locksmith Chesapeake VA in your area, Virginia Beach, VA, for major repairs or new installations.
  • Add additional security devices to your front door.

Check On The Status Of The Locks On Your Front Door

Taking the time to inspect your front door locks and other exterior door and window locks every couple of months is an important step to follow. This check will make you aware of weak and faulty locks that may need repairing or replacing.

A routine check will also give you the time to perform minor maintenance or make slight alterations that can add extra protection to your front door and other exterior doors or windows.

Items To Focus On

  • The hinges and door frame strength.
  • The door type, we advise you to ensure your door is solid wood.
  • The condition and length of the door lock screws.
  • Strike plate durability ensuring it is not bent or broken.
  • The latch is properly secured.
  • The springs of the lock are still working.
  • The bolt of the lock slides easily.
  • The keyhole is free of dirt for the key to turn freely.
  • The handles work correctly.

Check if any of these items are loose or broken and decide if you should perform minor maintenance on them or if you need to call for repairs or replacements. If you need more assistance in Virginia Beach, VA, to explain more about the different items of the commercial locks to focus on, you can give Speedy locksmith LLC a call.

Performing Minor Maintenance

Using your front door locks a couple of times a day over a long period is going to cause them to act out. They will pick up dirt, screws will loosen over time as wood frames wear down and even the locks themselves will wear out.

Many times making your front door locks more secure is as simple as doing the following:

  • Tightening or replacing the screws on the door, doorframe, and the locks.
  • Freeing them from dirt.
  • Applying some lubrication for them to work smoothly again.

Time To Call A Locksmith

Call commercial locksmith services for major repairs or new installations at Speedy locksmith LLC, Virginia Beach, VA. They are the experts in securing front door locks with years of experience in business. They will come to your rescue any time you need them in a van fully loaded with every tool they might need for the job within a few minutes.

The technician that arrives at your home is trustworthy and properly trained to advise you on:

  • The best lock for your front door.
  • You should use this door type.
  • The best additional devices to use to enhance your door security.

Once you have made your choice, they will install the new lock type or repair the broken lock quickly and efficiently.

Additional Devices To Improve Your Security

  • Ensure you have a good quality lock – A good example would be to opt for a Mortise lock type that offers a higher level of security.
  • Add an ANSI Grade 1 Deadbolt lock to your front door.
  • Have a peephole in place of a glass window.
  • Add door jammers or stoppers.
  • Install a horizontal security bar to kick-proof your front door.
  • Your front door should be equipped with motion detection lights.
  • Install a video doorbell.

Securing your front door is all about monitoring the condition of your door locks and performing minor maintenance when required. For major lock issues, give Speedy locksmith LLC, Virginia Beach, VA a call to replace, repair broken locks, or install new excellent quality locks. Add more security to your front door with additional devices that will keep your home safer from any uninvited visitors.


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