Exterior Doors All Need Entry Door Locks

When you think about the exterior doors of your home or business in Virginia Beach, VA, you will realize there are several ways to enter the building. All these doors need entry door locks from the

  • Front door or main entrance.
  • Back door or emergency exit.
  • Patio door.
  • Side door.
  • Garage door.

Your primary concern for entry door locks should be about the security they can provide. These entry doors are all prime locations for dishonest people to use to break in and steal your valuables.

So, how do you choose the best door locks that will provide you with the best safety features possible?

You should first consider your budget and determine what type of entry door locks you are looking for. Locks such as a traditional lock and key type or a smart lock types that are keyless.

Features You Should Look For

  • Note the material used to make the lock.
  • The security grade of the lock, whether it is grade 1, 2, or 3.
  • They are bump resistant.
  • Pick resistant.
  • Drill resistant.
  • Force open resistant.
  • The key control refers to the level of ease a duplicate can be made.

You might be aware that there are several lock types available in the market today specifically for entry doors. They range from a simple doorknob with a double-cylinder keying system to electronic and keyless entry locks.

Several top brands offer front door locks that range from the traditional locks easy to bypass to high quality and high-security locks.You have two choices in finding the best entry door locks that suit your security needs.

You can either learn about the different brands and the locks types they offer that all have different capabilities or you can trust a professional such as Speedy locksmith LLC, Virginia Beach, VA.

They know their locks inside and out for having years of experience in the business. Speedy locksmith LLC, Virginia Beach, VA will give you the best advice on the best lock type and brand that will be the perfect fit for you and your entry doors.

But, for those who want to learn more about the different entry door locks yourself, we have added some most trusted brands.

Top Two Trusted Brands

The top two brands are the most used and trusted brands for your home door locks.

• Kwikset Locks

Kwikset has been operating since 1946; they are the leading lock manufacturer for residential locks. Their products for door locks are of quality, durable, and are stylish. They focus and promote more on lightweight residential locks.

The door lock types they make:

  •  Deadbolt
  •  Mortise Lock
  •  Knob Locks
  •  Lever Handle Locks
  •  Euro profile DIN Cylinders
  •  Interchangeable core cylinder lock systems
  •  Jimmy Proof Deadbolt
  •  Rim Latch Locks
  •  Keyless Lock systems

• Schlage Locks

Schlage has been developing lock products over the last 100 years; it all first started with the first push-button lock in 1920 growing to the hi-tech mobile solutions you see today.
Schlage offers a wide range of high-grade lock types that are constructed from premium metal that adds strength and security to all doors. They are more focused on the high-security, heavy-duty lock types, which makes these locks a superb choice for entry door locks.

  •  Deadbolts,
  •  Knobs locks
  •  Levers locks
  •  Handle sets
  •  Electronic Locks
  • Smart Locks

Some Other Trusted Brands On The Market

• Yale – one of the world’s largest and oldest global locks manufacturers and is owned by Assa-Abloy. Their locks are sturdy and stylish locks with custom finishes.
• Mul-T-Lock – This is an Israeli lock manufacturer and is a subsidiary of Assa Abloy. Mul-T-Lock offers high-security products with various features of ensuring there is no unauthorized unlocking of the locks.
• Medeco – is a company founded in 1968, they are the market leaders in modern locks and locking systems. Medeco offers locks of high-security and ensures you the key for those locks cannot be duplicated.

There are many other brands of lock types available on the market, but the above companies are at the top of the list. They all offer different lock types that are excellent entry door locks. Each lock type within a brand all offer unique features, have their own capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

There is a wide range of different lock types from different brands available to suit your needs. When choosing the best entry door locks, consider the security level the best brands can offer you. If you are not sure, you can always contact Speedy locksmith LLC, Virginia Beach, VA who will give you professional advice on the best for your door types and your needs.

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