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Best Door Locks for Your Home Door in Virginia Beach, VA

We are always more concerned with choosing the best door locks for the exterior doors of our homes. We rarely pay much attention to the locks on the biggest entry door of our homes.

Many assume because the door is big, heavy, and sometimes automated, it is secure enough to keep intruders from entering. But in fact, if you do not install the best locks on them, they become a weakness to your home’s security system.

A garage protects your beloved Lexus or Chevrolet from damages caused by the elements of nature, theft, or vandalism. Most people also use their garages as a storage units or a workshop for side projects. Many people also have a door leading into their homes directly from the garage.

If the doors were not equipped with the best commercial locks to protect these items, you would suffer a great deal of loss. You would be constantly calling your insurance company and an auto locksmith in Virginia Beach, VA such as Speedy Locksmith LLC for help with your vehicle locks.

To avoid such situations, it is a good idea to install the best locks on your doors. However, to do this you should know what options you have in choosing best door locks.

Before we look at the options for the best locks to install on a door, let us look at common types of door locks.

Common Types Of Best Door Locks

  • Deadbolt locks
  • Padlocks
  • Mortise locks
  • Keypad locks
  • Smart locks
  • Combination locks

Door locks are installed to keep you and your belongings safe and secure. You can install any of the above best door locks as exceptional security measures. These are the most advanced type of locks and we have certified professionals for the installation, repair, and replacement of these locks.

Some of the best door locks installed on doors work on one side of the door or on both.

Common Types Of Door Locks

There is a variety of door types and locks to suit the needs of each door. Some of the most common lock types are as follows:

·        Sliding door lock

These locks are one of the best locks for your entrance doors. They are secure and tamper-proof, as these are usually on the inside of a door. Fixed opposite to the hole in the entry door tracks for a bolt to slide through and lock the tracks of the door in place.

·        Deadbolt lock

A Deadbolt lock provides extra reinforcement to your home’s entrance door that is secure while working with the existing door lock.  You cannot operate a deadbolt lock by using a spring. When we lock a deadbolt door lock, a metal bolt extends into the doorframe to secure the door. You can open it by using the correct key only. Following are the types of deadbolt locks you can use:

  • Single-cylinder deadbolt locks that have a turning knob on the inside and a keyed lock on the outside
  • Double- cylinder deadbolt has keyed locks on both sides
  • Electronic locks

These locks have handles installed on the outside of the door and are shaped in a T. They work similarly to a traditional lock with a key, once unlocked; you can turn the handle to open the door.

There is a cable system inside the door, attached to two bolts. These bolts secure the tracks of the door when locked and release with the turning of the T-handle lock.

The T-handle door lock provides excellent security for wooden doors, as the special key is harder to replicate than a traditional lock key.

  • Electronic door locking system

Many homeowners are converting to electronic locking systems. They find they are the best locks that offer high-security levels.

These lock types are keyless and operate with a keypad with a personalized code or biometric scanner of a finger or an eye. If you have forgotten the code, a commercial locksmith such as Speedy locksmith LLC Virginia Beach, VA can easily reset a new code as opposed to re-keying or replacing a lock.

Which Locks Are The Best Door Locks?

The door lock you choose is going to depend on the door type and on your preference. There are advantages and disadvantages to both the traditional manual best door locks and automated locks.

If you are unsure of which are the best locks for your doors, call a professional locksmith Chesapeake VA. Speedy locksmith LLC, Virginia Beach, VA will provide you with the best options for the door type you have.

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