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Car Locksmith Services

When we say 24/7, we mean 24/7. We have a round-the-clock network of highly skilled and professionally trained locksmiths that are radio dispatched to your location when you call us. So if you end up losing your car keys while you’re out with the lads, you don’t have to worry.

You call us and we will have a locksmith dispatched to your location within minutes. In no time, our technician will have your car unlocked and on your merry way home. Our team can help even if you’ve broken your car key in the ignition switch, by extracting the broken key.

Quality Spare Keys

While our auto car locksmith is there, you can even have a spare set of keys made. They’ll definitely be a lot cheaper than buying them from your dealership. Dealerships have to follow company prescribed guidelines and have overhead costs which they need to cover. As such, you end up overpaying for a low quality key. Our team is always equipped with the latest equipment; so you don’t need to worry about whether we can get the job done. Whatever your concern is, our locksmith will be able to address it with ease.

Wide range of services

Our services are not limited simply to lockout rescue and key making. Every auto car locksmith working with us is professionally trained and can deal with a range of issues with great skill. Our wide range of services includes:

● Emergency Car Lockout Services

● Ignition Switch & Key Repair & Replacement

● Programming Transponder Keys

● Car Re-Keying

● Broken Key Removal

● Car Lock Replacement & Repair

● Car Trunk Lock & Key Solutions

● Troubleshooting and maintenance for keyless entry systems

● Troubleshooting and maintenance for mobile alarm systems.

Regardless of what your issue is, and regardless of the make and model of your car, our auto car locksmith will be able to address the situation. We’ll have a team member dispatched to your location within minutes of you calling us.

Advanced Security Systems

We haven’t even begun to talk about our more tech savvy security options. Our team is proficient when it comes to the installation and maintenance of advanced car security systems. Our auto car locksmith can effortlessly and seamlessly install a state-of-the-art keyless entry system in your car. You’ll never have to reach into your pocket for a key again as the security fob will unlock the car when in close proximity with the car. Unless the fob is inside the car, it won’t even start. You end up getting twice the security and convenience all under one system.

You also have the choice of going with a mobile alarm system. If anyone tampers with your car, the car will emit a loud startling alarm and will send a notification directly to your phone, letting you know that something is wrong. Depending on what system you get; you can even have a live feed on your phone from video cameras installed inside the car. If you want something a little less complicated, but still smart and secure, then a transponder key is the way to go. If the transponder key is not inside the ignition switch, the car will not start.

Do You Need An Auto Car Locksmith? Call Us!

Hotwiring the car will not make any difference as the bridge that carries the charge to the engine is left open when the transponder key is not inside the ignition switch. A thief will not be able to steal your car and you don’t need to worry about a thief removing the system and then stealing the car, as the process would take hours. Regardless of the chosen level of complexity of your advanced security system, our locksmith will be sure to have you sorted in no time. If you’re located in the Virginia Beach, VA area, we’re sure we can help you! So call now for all your vehicular lock-and-key and security issues. If you live in the greater Virginia Beach, VA area, call us today.

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